Promo Warehouse is a supplier of promotional items, clothing (promo wear and corporate wear), POS (from banners to event stands) and PPE wear to the corporate, advertising, promotion and event industries. We offer a credit facility to qualified customers, which could help you free up valuable cash resources better used to get your core jobs done. Have a look at our product range to see what we have to offer. Whether your client needs vibrant outdoor exposure,  gear to help build their corporate image or both; we have the products and services.

We also reward clients through our loyalty programme for their support.

Very important : We treat each company/group as a single client, meaning if you have various sites/branches ordering separately the discounts will be allocated to your company/group as a whole so that all sites/branches can benefit from the programme. This will be shown on each quote and invoice. So as you order and reach the various status breakdowns that specific status discount will become applicable and carry over as mentioned above.

Breakdown of status levels:

Annual spend with a 1 year carry over (your status at the end of the year will roll over to the next year and the next year’s end status will then determine the following year):
R30 000 to R80 000 (1% discount) Blue Status
R80 000 to R250 000 (2.5% discount) Bronze Status
R250 000 to R500 000 (5% discount) Silver Status
R500 000 to R 750 000 (7.5% discount) Gold Status
R750 000 plus (10% discount) Platinum Status
*Excludes media buying
**Excludes specials and promotions