Promo Warehouse is a supplier of promotional items, clothing (promo wear and corporate wear), POS (from banners to event stands) and PPE wear to the corporate, advertising, promotion and event industries. We offer a credit facility to qualified customers, which could help you free up valuable cash resources better used to get your core jobs done. Have a look at our product range to see what we have to offer. Whether your client needs vibrant outdoor exposure,  gear to help build their corporate image or both; we have the products and services.

As a token of our appreciation we have now introduced our CASHBACK deal. You get “CashBack” to use any way you like when you spend according to the breakdown below per order. This will help you to use your cash back on items you did not budget for, ie:
  • Buy promo items and use your “cashback” to fund POS items (gazebos, banners etc)
  • Buy POS and use your “cashback” to fund promo items or print related items
  • Buy clothing/uniforms and use your “cashback” to fund other items
Or just take the “cashback” as a discount on your invoice:
This is how you get rewarded:
Spend R20 000 and get R 1500 back in cash/vouchers 
Spend R30 000 and get R 2500 back in cash/vouchers 
Spend R40 000 and get R 3500 back in cash/vouchers 
Spend R50 000 and get R 4500 back in cash/vouchers 
Spend R60 000 and get R 6000 back in cash/vouchers
** from here on you will get R2000 per R10 000 you spend to be added from the R6000 cash back/voucher base. 
*** Delivery fees to be calculated per order if and where applicable:
**** Should you want retail vouchers as “cashback” it will only be applicable once we received payment on our invoice relating to the “cashback” transaction.